How is the fee calculated?

Qualified nutrition therapy follows the standards set by nutrition medicine principles. The fee is based on this qualification and adheres to recommendations from the German Professional Association of Oecotrophologists (VDOe) (PDF approx. 370 KB).

The consulting fee for 50 minutes is 100 euros net, meaning not including sales tax. The net fee may be charged upon presentation of a medical referral or prescription (nutrition therapy). Those without a doctor’s prescription or referral will be charged an additional sales tax.

You will receive an invoice for bank transfer at the end of the nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy session.

Cost sharing by health insurance companies

Public health insurance companies

Degreed oecotrophologist Ulrike Breunig’s nutrition counselling and therapy practice meets the quality standards set by public health insurance companies. Public health insurance companies recognise and subsidise counselling services. The practice cannot settle accounts directly with health insurance companies.

Private insurance

Coverage of costs depends on your rate agreement. You cannot automatically assume that costs will be covered or shared. Please inquire in advance if cost sharing is important for you.

Who issues the certificate of medical necessity?

Any attending physician can give you a certificate of medical necessity for nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy. This is a budget-neutral medical order. No special form is required. It can be a referral form, a doctor’s attestation or the sample form. (PDF approx. 150 KB)

How to apply for cost sharing?

Public health insurance companies provide varying amounts of reimbursement. Please contact your health insurance company with the following information:

  1. Fill in the application form (PDF approx. 60 KB)
  2. Obtain a certificate of medical necessity (PDF approx. 144 KB). The nutrition counselling practice needs a copy of this medical order. You do not need to bring it to your first appointment; you can submit the certificate later.
  3. Download the cost estimate that corresponds to your diagnosis
Gaby Lingath