Holistic nutrition consultation and nutrition therapy

„Holistic“ takes into account all aspects of an issue; superordinate relationships are observed and recognised. Thus it’s all about the issues that affect life in general and day to day life. 

„People eat differently from how they should“ – Volker Pudel, nutrition psychologist –

The task of nutritional consultation is to create awareness of the background and context of an unsatisfactory eating habit. Through this awareness, individually new, constructive patterns of behaviour can be derived that no longer need control and prohibition. Unbalanced eating habits are gradually reduced and replaced with stable and balanced patterns of behaviour. In this way, food can contribute sustainably to joy, well-being, and quality of life again


Change of perspective

„It is not things themselves that disturb human beings, but their perspective of things“ – Epictetus –

It is therefore primarily about changing your perspective, which gives you a new way to look at situations. This is essentially about expanding your consciousness. Thus, the foundation is laid to change your eating habits in a way that feels natural, which can be maintained in the long term – in contrast to denying yourself and rigid rules.    

Consultation meetings stimulate this change of perspective and accompany you on the path to change, and stabilise positive experiences. Access to your own resources develops with which you can control processes in a solution-oriented and efficient manner in the long term. This in turn leads to more self-confidence in your own ability to take action, to your well-being, joy for life, and thus quality of life. 

Depending on the situation and goal formulation, elements from various disciplines are used:

  • NLP
  • Contextual coaching
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Rational-emotive therapy (RET)
  • Focusing


Gaby Lingath