Preventive nutrition counselling. Prevention is good protection.

Preventive nutrition counselling (Picture Credits: ©visivasnc/fotolia)

An individualised, healthy diet and good digestion benefit more than just our vitality, our memory and our appearance.

They also promote lasting mental and spiritual well-being. This is not to say pleasure needs to take a backseat – after all, the psyche eats when we do.

When preventive nutrition counselling?

  • Are you slightly overweight and interested in reducing? Or do you want to avoid becoming overweight?
  • Do you want to improve your immune system and increase your performance?
  • Do you want to restore your acid-base balance?
  • Would you like to detoxify your body?
  • Do you want to maintain or improve your heart health?
  • Are you undergoing menopause and looking for a way to regulate your well-being?
  • Do you have a predisposition to osteoporosis and an interest in maintaining optimal bone health?
  • Are you active in sport and eager to improve your performance with the right nutrition?
  • Do you want healthier digestion?

When preventive nutrition counselling?

  • Find out where you might currently have nutritional deficits and what you can do to get back on track
  • Gain a sense of clarity and certainty when it comes to food choices
  • Receive a daily meal plan with the right ratio of carbohydrates, fats and protein for you
  • Prevent symptoms and disease
  • Gain a physically and mentally healthy body as a basis for well-being and vitality

Consultation times

Monday – Thursday: 07.45 am – 12.30 pm
Monday – Thursday: 02.00 pm – 06.00 pm

Making an appointment / telephone consultation hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12.45 – 01.15 pm

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